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PennyPointsHello everyone,

There’s just the beginning of a nip in the air.  I’ve got pumpkins on my front steps and a few small beauties tucked onto my mantle.  It’s fall!  When the air turns cooler, the first thing that I want to snuggle up with is a flannel quilt.  Over the next few posts, I’ll share some new kits at the store that will make you want to fire up that sewing machine before it gets too chilly outside!

Penny Points is a great new kit that we have available both in the store and online.  Black flannel printed with “pennies” form the center of each of the stars on this quilt.   The black plaid background is combined with blue, green, red, orange, spice and gold to make this a quilt that will go anywhere.  I’m sure you’ll find this quilt to be just the right touch of fall to bring into your den or family room!

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