North Star


Hi everyone-

You’ve heard about my favorite types of blocks, my favorite tools and gadgets, and my favorite fabrics, but I don’t think I’ve told you about my favorite quilt sizes to make.  North Star, at 61″ x 70″ is my favorite size.  It’s not unwieldy to work with and the finished quilt is so versatile–I could tuck on a shelf, put on the end of one of my beds or it could end up on a wall!

This particular pattern is quite lovely because you get a great assortment of different blocks to make.  What a great quilt to try if you are a newer quilter looking to learn how different blocks get put together or if you’re a seasoned quilter who likes a bit of variety!  Either way, you can certainly use a lot of different fabrics from your stash or stop by the store to see what interesting pairings you can find.  This is just an all-around great quilt that I’m looking forward to making.

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